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Credit and Debit Card Markets

Canadians are among the heaviest users of credit and debit cards in the world. Credit and debit cards are widely used and accepted in Canada for retail payments and their usage has continued to grow. Accordingly, the Task Force has undertaken a review of the credit and debit card markets in Canada.

The work on credit and debit cards was substantial, in part because of the keen interest of stakeholders, and readily available international examples, where action on credit and debit cards has taken numerous forms. Its treatment as a separate report, Credit and Debit Card Markets is in respect of these diverse interests and considerations.

The Task Force has been unrelenting in its efforts to consult with as many stakeholders as possible in the last year and a half, including hundreds of meetings and a nationwide series of roundtable discussions in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver to develop our appreciation of users’ needs in this particular payments space.